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Grove Collective

When I initially began collaborating with Samarah from Grove Collective, she was on the brink of embarking on an exciting new journey. Grove Collective, a stunning boutique salon, was set to open its doors in early 2023.

I had the pleasure of first crafting the full brand identity for the salon. With am aim to establish a compelling brand characterised by a captivating mushroom hue that resonated with the salon's interior ambiance. Samarah, with her 15 years of expertise, predominantly caters to women, transforming their hair aspirations into reality while ensuring they depart feeling confident and delighted with their hair.

Following the finalisation of the brand identity, I seamlessly transitioned into the website development phase. Given the new located where Samarah was opening here salon I really focused on showcasing the imagery of Samarah's work alongside glowing testimonials. I provided support in integrating a user-friendly booking system, ensuring clients could effortlessly schedule appointments.

My collaboration with Samarah extends beyond website development. I frequently undertake projects for Grove Collective, including designing pricing cards, vouchers and diverse social media assets or we talk about her plans and ideas for growth emcompasing different marketing ideas.

It is such a pleasure to support Grove Collective.

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