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In 2023, I embarked on planning the Effort & Ease website. Greta's content was really well throughtout, facilitating a smooth integration across all pages. The website strikes a balance between professionalism and approachability, featuring soft imagery and colours that effectively convey key messages across each page. Its user-friendly navigation ensures easy access to information, catering to both children interested in yoga and adults. We prominently showcased the women's wellness retreat throughout the site as this was a key event across both 2023 & 2024.

In 2023 we started planning out the website, Greta was amzing with the amount of content she provided and it was really well thought out. The website is really professional and has a easy navigation so that depending if you have a child wanting to do yoga or are an adult then you can find the information you need easily. With a womans wellness retreat we really heroed this section throughtout the site. 

I took great care in sourcing visually captivating photographs, as I firmly believe that imagery and content are integral in creating a cohesive and engaging website design.


Effort & Ease 

Effort & Ease Website
Effort & Ease Branding
Effort & Ease Branding

Working with Greta from Effort & Ease has been an absolute pleasure since 2022. The purpose of Effort & Ease is to enhance the health and happiness of individuals (adults and children alike) by equipping them with a toolkit for navigating life. Including all bodies, all levels and all personalities.  Expanding across two diverse audiences, it was crucial for the branding to resonate with both. I crafted a brand identity with a solid structure, incorporating a yoga-inspired pose in the letter A and utilising two vibrant feminine colours as the primary palette

Alongside the logo, I developed a comprehensive brand kit including a colour palette, brand icons, patterns, and business card concepts. I even envisioned branded yoga mats to further amplify the brand's presence in the future.

Brand Identity, website & marketing support

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